Why I go to Confession by Christine Canino


Ever notice how when your car gets dirty, the windows have a film of dirt, you can sorta see out of them but not super clearly?

You go to the car wash and it is like, “Wow, I can see so much better than I could before!”

This is a good analogy for what confession does for me. Confession allows me to see my life and God’s plan for my life and his will more clearly.

So why bother going to confession?

I can just tell my sins directly to God. Why go to a priest? Yes, we can defiantly go to God. I strive to go to God every day by doing an examination of conscience before going to sleep by telling God I’m sorry and what areas I would like to work on.

There is something special about confession.

Jesus, Himself gave His apostles the power to forgive sins It is not the priest that is forgiving our sins. It is Jesus Christ that forgives. The priest is standing in for Christ.

This allows us to have a greater connection with God because we are telling our sins to God through this person and Jesus is granting His forgiveness and grace through this person but it is by Jesus’ intercession that we are forgiven.

A good priest will give you some sort of penance to do. It may be something very challenging related to your sin. It is a way to make reparation for the sin.

However, often the priest will themselves do penance for the people and give the people a light penance. For example, say three ‘Hail Mary’s’.

Why is saying three Hail Mary’s penance?

Well, it is pretty easy and not really much of a penance. But it encourages us to go to God, to be sorry, and to ask for forgiveness, that is what that prayer is for. It is not just a rote prayer I’m praying. It is the time I am spending with God, open, listening, available to God.

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