Soul Surfer

A true story about Bethany Hamilton who as a teenager, while training as a competitive surfer, has her left arm bitten off by a shark. The movie starts before the attack showing Bethany’s everyday life with her parents and two brothers. We see a strong christian family who lives on the beach and loves to surf. During the attack, Bethany is calm and her friend’s father who was with them surfing, shows some incredible quick thinking enabling her to miraculously survive.  After the accident, we see Bethany and her family struggling to understand why the attach happened and what is God’s plan for her. Bethany eventually discerns it is God’s will for her to keep surfing.

One line sticks out in my mind. Bethany says, “I have the chance to embrace more people with one arm then I ever would have with two.” Bethany accepts what happened to her. She uses her talent and faith to evangelize.

The sun, the sand, the ocean and the waves makes this movie visually pleasing. Bethany actually does the surfing as the stunt double for the actress who plays her. This is a great summer film that will inspire and encourage one to overcome obstacles.

Photo credit: Christine Canino
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