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Pietra Fitness has a stretching and strengthening DVD called ‘Gentle Restoration’. I was fortunate enough to receive this beautiful DVD as a Christmas gift this year.

My relationship with exercise is inconsistent at best. In my early years, I liked to jog, ski and do aerobics but in my recent years, I have mostly stuck with walking. I enjoy walking outside but the weather in the upper Midwest can be extreme at times. It is not worth taking a chance when the sidewalks are all icy or when it is 98 degrees outside, therefore, at times I fall into a patterned of not working out.

One particular type of exercise, I have been neglecting for years is stretching. Yes, I would do some stretching and leg lifts every once in a while but nothing regularly. I had not realized what a regular stretching and strengthening workout could do for my aging body.

The first time I did Pietra Fitness’s ‘Gentle Restoration’ DVD, I could feel the healing energy move through my body. Joints, ligaments, and muscles woke up, opened, and began to function more effectively. I experience tingling and pain due to overuse of my hands and arms at times. This DVD seems to ease the discomfort.

The other thing I noticed was that I now feel more relaxed. I have better posture and am breathing deeper. I feel more in touch with my body. With this feeling, I want to eat healthier and exercise more.

I highly recommend this DVD for anyone wanting to improve their overall health and well being. Once I master this DVD, I am looking forward to trying their two additional DVD’s as well.

For more information on Pietra Fitness click here.

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