As we come to the end of October, the month of the Holy Rosary, I wanted to share an experience of praying the Novena to Our Lady Untier of Knots.

It was the middle of summer. That time of the year where everything is hot and sticky. Not only was the weather hot and sticky but my hoped for plans seemed to be stuck as well. I had recently suggested this novena to a friend who was in a odd legal battle that was no fault of hers with seemly no way out. She took my suggestion to pray the novena. She told me a few weeks later that after praying this novena everything was resolved! With her story in mind, I decided this novena would be a great way to get things moving again in the right direction with my situation. The novena to Our Lady Untier of Knots includes a meditation for each day and praying the rosary. Each day I prayed the rosary with the rosary beads my grandmother made me some forty years ago. The beads are a bit fragile so I am careful with them. Unfortunately, I had a literal knot in the rosary for some time. Every time I took out the rosary I would try and see if I could get it to untangle. I was very gentle as I didn’t want to break my precious gift from me long past grandmother, but to no avail could I get it to untangle.

I began my rosary novena and prayed each day that our plans would continue to move forward. On day seven of the nine days of prayer, we got a call! With that call, things started moving again. In fact a few months later it was because of this call that the seemingly impossible began to look very doable after all. I finished the novena. The next time I pulled out my rosary I found my rosary completely back to normal. NO KNOT! I starred at my rosary and marveled. How did it get fixed? I keep it in a special container in my purse. No one else had touched it. Then I remembered, I had prayed to Our Lady Untier of Knots. She even untied a knot I didn’t ask her to.

The above photo is my actual rosary.

Wow, I took that as a thumbs up from God and a reminder just how much heaven is looking out for all we do. If you have any knots in your life. Click this link for the instructions on how to pray this beautiful prayer. Try it. You never know what might happen!


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