Mass of Sanctification

While visiting my brother, sister-in-law and young niece, God taught me an important lesson.

It was Saturday, we were preparing for a family get together the following day so we decided to attend church in the late afternoon to leave more time in the morning to prepare for our guests. My niece was mad! She definitely did not want to attend mass.

We went to mass and during mass she whined, complained, moaned and groaned, making life unpleasant for herself and those around her. I thought to myself, it is not that bad! She was making things worse than they really were and it won’t be THAT long anyway.

Ding! Ding! Ding! God said to me in my heart, “Haven’t you been acting this way as well?” Oh, how hard it is to admit but He is right! Life has not been easy. My husband has been out of work for two years. I’ve been working a lot but the money is nowhere near enough to cover our household budget. Our house, cars, and wardrobe are outdated and in need of costly repairs. Was I not doing the same thing my niece did when it was time for mass? Yes, from God’s perspective I was.

God is purifying and strengthening me. He has taken me to the mass of sanctification. I am making things worse and prolonging my suffering by feeling sorry for myself, whining and complaining. God’s ways are not our ways and at times His plans do not make sense.

Today, I pray and ask God to help me accept whatever suffering comes my way, to know that whatever happens, it is for the good of my soul. Help me, Lord to not complain to others but to put my full trust in You!

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