Review of Ann Rice’s book, ‘Called Out of Darkness’

The journey to conversion is a long and arduous one. Ann Rice describes her journey in a way everyone can relate to. I found myself in the pages of her book and could identify with some similar thoughts and feelings. She describes her amazing childhood with all the sights and sounds of what it means to be Catholic. When she abandons the church she admits it is a act of rebellion but something she says catches my eye. She mentioned that she stops talking with God. She severs her connection with God and chooses not only to abandon her church but also her intimate relationship with God. Not only does she no longer talk with God but she also chooses not to listen.

Despite her decision to pronounce God dead, He continues to call to her and invite her to enter into His loving embrace. That she is able to set aside “logic” and answer His particular call and mission is miraculous. Ann begins to talk to God, Jesus, Mary and the Saints again. She asks God to reveal His will for her and He takes her on a adventure. He shows her how to continue to provide for herself and her 49 employees. Her work continues to be successful despite her one hundred eighty degree turn.

At the end of her memoir, she asks some difficult and thought provoking questions about the church and it’s direction. She talks about Jesus’s call to love and go beyond the surface level, challenging me to do better as she describes her own struggles. She attributes the comforting and non judgmental Catholics in her life and their prayers and acceptance, as an avenue that allowed her to answer God’s call.

Do you enjoy inspirational true stories? If so, you will love Ann Rice’s book, ‘Called Out of Darkness’.

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